As a supplier of premium bakery, topping and icing products, Rich's, a global company, has extensive ranges in their stable. As these brands emerge and evolve, we are responsible for developing materials for external as well as internal launches to best showcase each product offering. We have created various impactful promotional materials such as trade presenters, handling guides, e-mail signatures and web banners, along with packaging updates and designs. 
Rich's has various seasonal promotions throughout the year and these are anything from Cake Carnival to Donut Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Xmas and Valentine's Day. We conceptualise the theme look and feel, which is then applied to in-store point of sale material such as bunting, stickers, table tent cards, shelf talkers, along with programs for each theme.
Rich's® Artisan Breads is an expression of product perfection, a passion for authenticity and a steeped appreciation for the honesty and excellence of traditional baking methods. Rich's® focus is on baking and providing artisinal breads that speak to this authenticity and passion, honouring the timeless excellence of traditional methods. We developed the logo, pay-off line and the brochure which embodies the authenticity and timeless art of artisinal breads.
Nandos wanted to enter the LSM 4 - 7 market with their condiments and decided on promoting the 2g sachet of their famous peri-peri sauces. We designed all the material to support this promotion such as the trade presenter, in-store washline banners and price card. For the activation days we also designed recipe leaflets and notepads. Adding cooking tips and little "did-you-know's" to the notepads helped the brand engage with their consumers.
NATIVA Go! is a range of multivitamins and supple-ments. The pack design was simplified and refined. We originated the pay off line: Go! will get you there! which has been used in all printed elements. We conceptulised the advertising campaign to support the positioning of "Go! will get you there!" The launch campaign comprises print adverts, launch sales presenter and point of sale material for trade.
NATIVA Effervescents were relaunched in 2012. These products are the effervescent version of the tablet format. The unique selling proposition of these effervescents is that one feels the effect faster than a tablet hence the "boost" concept for the campaign. The campaign comprises print adverts, launch sales presenters and point of sale material for trade.
NATIVA RadiCAL extended their range in 2014 to include chewables for both adults and children. Adverts and point of sale material was developed for the line. For the childrens range a character "Callie" was created to speak to consumer. The RadiCAL packaging was also updated. 
In 2013, the entire Russell Hobbs personal care range received a packaging upgrade. The competitive brands including RH, were similar in look and feel as their graphics and backgrounds were and are predominantly black. In addressing this “sea of sameness” the black was made less prominent. A more contemporary lighter image was created to have more shelf stand out and the brand was reinforced with the repeat RH pattern. A new positioning was created in the line: “Enjoy every look”. This statement implies that the product allows consumers to create many different styles and, by creating great styles, they will attract admiring looks. Instead of repeating the front facing on the back panel of the womens range, we created a "Get Styling" section to show consumers how to get the best usage from their styling appliance. This is in picture and point format.
 MANHATTAN SWEETS design improvements were implemented in 2013. In general the graphics needed to be simplified as they were competing with the sweets when viewed through the window. The upgrade entailed: opening the window to see more product, placing a white keyline around window to differentiate multicoloured sweets and pack background. Artwork was also simplified by removing elements, product descriptions and variant names were simplified and standardised across the range. The new designs were applied to all variant sizes ranging from 30g to 400g as well as all dispensers.