Matus is one of the largest hardware and tool distributors in the country with branches in Gauteng, KZN and Western Cape. We developed there new Corporate Identity, using their existing hammer device.
Their after we have applied it to all elements from stationery to promotions, internal and external communications to their website design and website implementation.
MTS is a sub brand to Matus and we created this logo to be carried across all the categories. The categories comprise Hand tools, Adhesives, Decor, Home etc.
OHM is a range of quality electrical products, manufactured exclusively for Matus. Named after the unit of measure for resistance, the OHM brand was conceptualised with quality and clarity in mind. In a category which has grown to be overwhelming in its technical complexity, OHM delivers product knowledge in a simple, easy-to-understand format so that consumers get the right product and the best quality always, at the right price.
Fox, an already established brand, was given a total logo and packaging revamp to consolidate the brand for more shelf impact and presence. The old Fox logo featured “Fox Tools” and “Fox Abrasives”. The logo was revised to feature the word “Fox” and by deleting “tools” and “abrasives” we consolidated the range as one brand. The Fox head was given more definition to give it more presence, and to highlight its natural attributes. The pay-off line “Get it Right” was added. This implies that no matter what Fox product you use, its the right tool for the job.
Twinsaver is a legendary South African brand providing households with quality, trusted and innovative products and businesses with workplace, washroom and associated solutions.
We developed their corporate brochure, paper towel design and internal annual themes.
This deeply entrenched Kwa-Zulu Natal brand perfectly represents its namesake isi-Zulu i-nyala. The majestic Nyala symbolizes the natural goodness of this maize meal. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, Nyala Super Maize Meal remains a firm favourite when it comes to selecting the best! 
We were responsible for updating the entire packaging range to be in line with its majestic positioning as well as all the launch elements. A recipe book was developed to encourage a wider usage of maize meal and to showcase new and exciting applications.


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